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Arrived at the sanctuary in 2009 after her owner passed away and no one in the family wanted her. 2 months after she arrived, she started spewing blood out of her mouth and nose. The veterinarian discovered high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a heart murmur and a small piece of metal stuck in her gizzard. They got Chicky’s medical situation under control and she’s been great ever since.

Sadly, Chicky passed away 4 days after we photographed her.

Mollywood thanks you all for your support this year, and invites you to visit the website of our amazing photographer friend, Oliver Regueiro, who tells the stories of captive parrots like Chicky in the photo above! Start with BJ the Macaw and click the > to scroll through Oliver's beautiful tribute to parrots.

Blaze Wifi Parrot Rescue Project

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Surprise, AZ fire crew rescues exotic bird from hot car
By Lesley Wright
The Republic |
Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:31 AM

Rusty was unresponsive by the time Surprise paramedics arrived at the scene, where a frantic resident reported a pet locked in an overheated car.

Fearing they were too late, the firefighting crew jimmied the truck door open and Rusty’s owner, Joanne Ruth Doyle, grabbed his cage and took it inside.

Rusty, a 19-year-old cockatoo, was lying on his stomach with his wings spread out and Doyle feared he was dead.

   <Read entire article>

Heartfelt Thoughts from a Reformed Parrot Breeder
by Tina Usher, The Parrot’s Perch

EXCERPTS I'm Tina Usher, and all of my life I have been captivated by all types of birds. First, I would like to give you some of my history. I own and operate The Parrot’s Perch, a small homebased aviary just outside of Chicago, IL. I have been breeding and raising Moluccan, Umbrella and Medium Sulphur Crested (Elenora) Cockatoos, Green Wing Macaws and African Greys ...

As a responsible and devoted breeder for 27 years it is because of this great love that I have for my birds that I have had a gradual change of heart about breeding. I cannot pinpoint exactly how or when it started, there was no big epiphany, just an awareness and a feeling that grew and grew. How can I justify bringing more birds into a world where ...    <Read entire article>

A Big Thank You
to Aaroch Ray on his 2011 Eagle Scout Project.
Thank you for thinking of all the birds here at Mollywood
who will be so excited to call this new, huge aviary, “Home”.

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